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Casa de Niños

Casa de Niños Naranja & Roja

Casa Roja and Casa Naranja are the two De Colores Montessori communities that serve children ages 3 to 6 years of age. These communities are led by trained Montessori guides, who design the environment based on their deep knowledge of the Montessori Method, their observations and developmental needs of their students.

Casa Roja and Casa Naranja are environments carefully prepared for children in a Montessori Children’s House or “Casa de Niños/as”. High quality, beautiful and engaging materials, combined with the guide’s observations and instruction, allow the children in each community to choose and practice the skills they need to become more independent, to develop a sense of self within a social context and deepen their intrinsic need and love for learning.

Welcome to Casa de Niños

Casa Naranja

3 to 6 years of age

Casa Roja

3 to 6 years of age

Comunidad Infantil
Comunidad Verde

14 to 24 months

Comunidad Azul

24 to 36 months

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Our Commitment

The children at our Casa de Niños/as are respected as individuals and are given the tools so they too can respect themselves and others. These tools are given first in the form of grace and courtesy lessons, where children are able to practice respectful ways of interacting with others.

The children in our Casa Roja and Casa Naranja communities also explore and practice skills to care for themselves, their environment and others through our practical life materials. They explore, experience and learn about the characteristics of the world that surrounds them through our sensorial materials. They play, explore and have fun with language in our language area and in the math area they experience numbers and mathematical concepts such as quantity, addition, subtraction or division in a very concrete, relatable and engaging way.
It is through the interaction with the materials, and the space offered to the children for trial and error and practice, that children develop independence at their own pace.

At our Montessori Casas we not only guide our children throughout their development, but we also set the stage so they love the process of learning- about themselves, about others and the world around them.