Toddler program

Toddler Program Description &#45 18 to 36 months

The Spanish Immersion Toddler Program at De Colores Learning Center is designed to allow children to grow at their own rate in a Spanish immersion setting. Because this is such a unique age, development and a child’s progression is largely up to the child him/her self.

The teachers in the De Colores Toddler Program provide the opportunity for your child to explore the world in a safe, loving and nurturing environment with careful attention paid to the development of verbal,fine motor, large motor, and social/emotional skills. De Colores has designed a Spanish immersion classroom setting that allows children to explore the wonderful things that the world has to offer and to develop a solid foundation for continued development.

The daily routine at the De Colores Toddler program is complemented by a full range of extracurricular experiences including: yoga, music, garden/nature studies, cooking, and art.